Monday, November 23, 2009

Cell Phone Etiquette

The cell phone is a glorious invention, helping people stay in touch with one another, and relieving the minds of many parents. So love it for what it is, and realize that it annoys more people than it helps, and resolve to yourself that you will always use it politely.

The telephone can be a wonderful human extension of you. It really is out of this world instrument. So if you use the cell phone with care and express personality through its mouthpiece, the other person on the other end of the line will always welcome your calls.

Whether you use it for business, or personal use--- respect for others around you, the user, understand the rights of others in your immediate area. There is nothing worst than the a grocery clerk trying to ring up your order and the customer's cell phone is ringing and the customer ignores the clerk and answers the phone. Or spending the day on Jury Duty and one of the jurors forgets to turn off his cell phone. Be mindful and respect others with your cell phone.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dinner at Home - entertaining friends

As a Guest you may have the run of the house, but do not assume that you do.  Always ask permission to visit an upstairs bathroom, for example, if the downstairs bathrooms are occupied.

If you are given permission to use the upstairs facility by the hostess, but she does not indicate that you can have a tour of her home, just use the facility and go back downstairs as quickly as possible.  It is rude to assume you can tour the home unless given permission to do so.

During the party, stay out of the kitchen.  You will be in the way!  Besides you were not invited to help cook or oversee the meal preparation.

Never touch anything that belongs to your hosts.  If the host has a selection of fine cigars, do not assume that as his guest he wants you to take your pick.  If your hostess has fine perfume on her dressing table, do not assume that she wants to share it with you.  Do not look in the closets, drawers, or medicine cabinets, etc.