Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lori Dominguez, a recognized Protocol and Etiquette expert, received her training in 1997 from The Protocol School of Washington®.  She is certified and trained in International  and Corporate Protocol and Etiquette instruction.  Lori is a 34 year veteran of the Disneyland® Resort in Anaheim, California.

Lori's dedication to etiquette started at a young age.  Her mother, Catherine, always insisted on proper manners and that she should "act like a lady" no matter how hard it might be at times.  As a young adult, she worked with Cicely Rigdon, known in the Disney Corporation as a poise and etiquette expert. She made sure all of the Tour Guides at Disneyland followed the rules of etiquette and proper behavior was observed.  She later had the honor of working with Dorothea Johnson from The Protocol School of Washington who taught her the value of etiquette knowledge and how to market it.  Lori uses her book from the school as a reference in her workshops.

Lori believes that good manners go hand-in-hand with good leadership and that today's leaders in business must know about proper business and social etiquette.  She currently trains business leaders, government officials, and today's Disneyland tour guides on proper manners, poise, and etiquette.

Lori is a wife, mother and an empty nester.  Both of her sons are grown and living on their own, Cameron 27 is living and working in Santa Monica and Blake age 25 is living and working in Tucson. No one is married yet, and they think I spend way too much time on social media.  Lori is a home grown Anaheim girl and proud of it.  She is married to a Football Coach, and has a 97 pound Bernese Mountain Dog named Touchdown.

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