Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beauty "thought for today" Clinique the iconic brand

"Cherish the past, but invent the future"

Clinique was the first brand that I started using as a teenager in California.
My best friend, Sue Clark introduced to me to the whole line of skin care in 1972.
Sue came from a family of beautiful women, and all of them had their beauty secrets.
Clinique - good foundation

Clinique the 43 year old skin care brand recently propelled themselves into the industry's leading power player.  Back in 2006, the parent company Estee Lauder cosmetics began to take equity of the brand and modernize it.

New products were rolled out with much success.
  • 2007 - Redness solutions
  • 2008- Lash Power mascara
  • 2009 - Even Better Makeup SPF 15
  • 2010 - Even Better Clinical dark spot corrector
  • 2011 - Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour balm

Going forward,  Clinique will continue to play in the dermatological concerns arena.  In April, Pore Refining Correcting Serum launched, claiming to visibly reduce the appearance of pores by 58 percent in two weeks.  Its numbers like that keep attracting new followers to this market.
I love all of the Clinique products - even now in my fifties its my "go to beauty corrector and damage corrector".  One of my most favorite products is the "Moisture Surge tinted Moisturizer" like wearing makeup that's not really makeup, its light and fresh and feels like you are only wearing moisturizer.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Etiquette still has a place in the office: creating order and helping others get along

Today there seems to be a generational divide regarding etiquette, the complaint being that young people lack manners.

Why is etiquette important?
Etiquette is about being considerate.  It doesn't matter what fork one uses, what really matters is being kind and considerate and paying attention to other people you're dining with, not the fork.
Today it doesn't matter if you are on the golf course, in the board room, or out dining with friends. Good manners are always in fashion and are always needed.  In today's world we build relationships, we build friendships, it doesn't matter the location, we should always be kind to one another. 

How you relate to people is very important. Your appearance, your words and the actions you take are going to affect how people respond to you.  Being comfortable and being confident with what you're doing  is key.

 Most of us today work on a computer at our work location, it tends to isolate us and sometimes we are not dealing face to face with others.  By being isolated, we tend to use technology without thinking of how its going to interrupt.  Computers, iPhones etc have made us an instantaneous society, so people are now expecting things right away.  It's in that kind of environment that people sometimes don't stop and say hello to each other.  They forget some of the niceties.

So here are some memory joggers
  • It takes 5 seconds to "make an impression"
  • 21 days to start a pattern
  • 100 days to become automatic
  • 30 days a message is forgotten
  • 60% of a message is forgotten in 24 hours
  • when 90% of a message is retained for 30 days with 8 days of constant reminding 
Put new skills to work right away.  Research proves that the sooner you implement a new behavior, the better your chances of making it a permanent part of your daily life.....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Make your dreams come true.....

Inaugural Alaskan Voyage
Disney Wonder
This past week I traveled on board the Disney Wonder cruise ship to Alaska on a business trip, it was magnificent !!  I don't consider myself a nature person or even a pioneer, but the sights and sounds in Alaska from the four ports is something I will never forget.  The weather was in the mid 40's it was crisp, clear and blue skies for the most part.  My work partner and I flew to Vancouver, Canada to board the DCL Disney Wonder for the Inaugural Alaskan Voyage.

  • Tracy Arm - Our first stop on the cruise was Tracy Arm fjord which is located in the Inside Passage approximately 45 miles south of Juneau.  Cruise ships wind their way through the fjord which is located in the Tongass National Forest.  The surrounding mountains are approximately 7,000 feet high and numerous waterfalls, created by melting snowcaps, can be seen along the route. 

  • Skagway - We reached Skagway on Friday, it is located at the northernmost point on the Inside Passage in Southeast Alaska.  Skagway still retains the feel of those Gold Rush days with their historic downtown being restored to its roots, complete with false fronted buildings and wooden sidewalks.
  • Juneau - Saturday we arrived in Juneau, the largest capital in the USA (by land size), Juneau is 3,248 square miles. Alaska is the only state whose capital city is accessible only via ship or air. No roads connect to Juneau to the rest of the state.
  • Ketchikan - We arrived in Ketchikan on Sunday, Mother's Day.  Originally established as a fishing camp back in 1883, when salmon saltery was built by a man named Snow.  The city became an important mining supply center following the discovery of gold and copper in the region.

Ketchikan - The Salmon Capital of the World, the city is located in the Southeast Alaska, on Revillagigedo Island along the Tongrass Narrows at the foot of 3,000 foot Deer Mountain.  Ketchikan is only accessible by boat or plane.