Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quote of the day - Happy February 1st, 2011

"we can learn to use makeup to emphasize our eyes or downplay a feature.  But, self-assurance involves learning to live with (and treasure) those fundamental things we cannot change: the very features that make each of us beautiful and unlike anyone else." 
- Bobbi Brown

9 pieces of advice to get through a terrible day

9 Pieces of advice to Get you through a Terrible Day
  1. do something for somebody else - it will help you feel a bit better.
  2. Rent a movie - perhaps a romance comedy
  3. find yourself a friend, shrink or a stranger to talk to.
  4. forget about what you cannot do
  5. meet an old friend for lunch and listen to her woes
  6. step away from the ice cream, lasagna etc - don't lose the ability to tuck in your shirt.
  7. Do something for - yourself- anything, I promise it will make you feel better.
  8. go to church, mass, temple or wherever you worship
  9. buy a new tube of lipstick or gloss - may I suggest Sephora it will always make you feel better.