Monday, December 14, 2009

Bread and Butter

Your bread or dinner roll should be put on your bread and butter plate which is always to your left, either above your fork or to the left of your forks! You should break your roll with your hands, one or at the most two bite sized pieces at a time.

The butter for your roll should also be put on your bread and butter plate. Only the piece of roll you are going to consume should be buttered at one time. Do not break your roll in half, butter each half and proceed to consume the roll one half at a time

Never, ever insult your Host or Hostess

Never, ever insult your host or hostess either during the party or afterwards when discussing the party with friends !
Remember you were a guest in someone's home and even if things were not perfect, a great deal of time and effort was expended in preparation for the party. You should be grateful that you were included as a guest.