Saturday, September 10, 2011

Footwear, shoes, heel height, leaving shoes at the door....


  • Leaving shoes at the door.....did you know according to research that everyday we track all sorts of pollutants into our homes, including lawn pesticides, coal tar from asphalt surfaces, lead, and even e. coli.  Taking off your shoes when you get in is an easy way to keep those toxins out.
  • Also if we alternate your heel height each day we are actually helping out ourselves.

  • High heels put up to 26% more pressure on your knees and up to 76% more pressure on the balls of your feet, wearing hem everyday can stiffen your Achilles tendons and permanently damage the muscles in your legs and joints in your feet.  Doctors say we should lessen those effects by alternating heels of varying heights.

  • So how come those heels look so good on us, Ladies?
  • What's your secret for your aching feet, do you wear flats or heels or a combination of both.  Would love to hear your comments and suggestions.  Unfortunately most of us cannot wear flip flops or tennis shoes to work, although its nice to ponder that thought.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

In love with Kauai

My husband and I visit Kauai at least twice a year, to us its the most beautiful place on earth.  For many reasons we love Kauai, but the biggest reason is that we were married on the island of Kauai in 2003.

Some of our favorite areas include Hanalei beach, Na Pali Coast, Waimea Canyon and Kalalau Valley.
Princeville Golf Course - Makai is our favorite golf course on the island. Although I am just a vacation golfer, my husband actually gets quite a workout playing the Princeville golf courses. We will play best ball and usually get two other vacationers to join us on the "Makai" course.  I learned early on in our  marriage to always say "yes" to golf  with the hubby.

The   Kilauea Lighthouse is a must to see, Kilauea Lighthouse
just off of Hwy 56 it is a beautiful view and a little piece of history since it was built in 1936.

Lydgate Beach Park
Typically calm and clear, Lydgate Beach pools are a favorite for young swimmers and beginning snorklers. Shade trees and grassy areas also make for an ideal picnic spot.
Take Highway 56 south toward Kapaa for 22 miles. Just past the Wailua Bridge turn left toward the Aloha Beach Resort and continue on toward Lydgate Beach Park.

The best part of any vacations is spending is with life long friends ! There are always so many things to do and see in Hawaii, especially Kauai, the crown jewel of the hawaiian islands.

A quick trip over to Oahu to see our good friends the Yoshidas.
Whoever says there are no good get-away-from-it all nature excursions on Oahu? Behind me in the background is the famous "Diamond Head".

Queen's Bath on Kauai

the secret falls at Waimea

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Smart dressing for Fall 2011

Fashion should not be about what is "in season", getting dressed is much more enjoyable when you are satisfying yourself.....

  • Focus on Outerwear - Invest in a piece that elevates your status
  • Mix it up- don't get caught copying your best friends, be unique
  • Go casual for evening affairs - You don't have to show all of the don't have to show cleavage to be sexy
  • Rethink the pencil skirt - its not for just work meetings anymore
  • High waisted Garbo pants are a huge hit this fall
  • Make mornings a no brainers - by nailing the basics