Sunday, October 2, 2011

Next time when traveling look for XpresSpa... I found them located inside of the Orlando International Airport, Terminal 3

Last week, coming back from a business trip, I found myself standing in front of the XpresSpa at the United Terminal 3 at the Orlando Int'l Airport.  I had 2 hours before my I opted for : Stress reducer, eyebrow wax and mini massage. Great Guest Service and such a beautiful spa.  Try it next time you have extra time before boarding. this was my 2nd visit, since I had already tried the service at the Vancouver International Airport in May.

Spa Services Menu

Global travelers, welcome to XpresSpa!
Just a few minutes in one of our upscale airport spas will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for your trip. Whether it's massage, nail care, skin care, or waxing, XpresSpa's expertly trained staff will transform your down time at the airport into the perfect "me" time. Treat yourself, or a treat a friend. You deserve it!
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Melt away the stress and tension of traveling with one of the exclusive XpresSpa relaxing massage treatments available below:
  • Foot Massage 10/15/20/30 min.
    Instant relief for your tired feet and your entire body! Using the ancient techniques of reflexology, our signature foot massage relieves stress, reduces fatigue and improves general well-being.
  • Neck & Back Massage 10/15/20/30 min.
    Perk yourself up! The XpresSpa energizing Neck & Back Massage relieves stress and improves posture by loosening stiff muscles and leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. Your spine will thank you.
  • The perfect pre-flight spa treatment! Sit back and relax while being treated to a relaxing neck, head, and facial massage to relieve upper-body tension and sinus pressure. Moving on to an energizing neck and shoulder massage, this massage concludes with a soothing arm and hand rub.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Footwear, shoes, heel height, leaving shoes at the door....


  • Leaving shoes at the door.....did you know according to research that everyday we track all sorts of pollutants into our homes, including lawn pesticides, coal tar from asphalt surfaces, lead, and even e. coli.  Taking off your shoes when you get in is an easy way to keep those toxins out.
  • Also if we alternate your heel height each day we are actually helping out ourselves.

  • High heels put up to 26% more pressure on your knees and up to 76% more pressure on the balls of your feet, wearing hem everyday can stiffen your Achilles tendons and permanently damage the muscles in your legs and joints in your feet.  Doctors say we should lessen those effects by alternating heels of varying heights.

  • So how come those heels look so good on us, Ladies?
  • What's your secret for your aching feet, do you wear flats or heels or a combination of both.  Would love to hear your comments and suggestions.  Unfortunately most of us cannot wear flip flops or tennis shoes to work, although its nice to ponder that thought.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

In love with Kauai

My husband and I visit Kauai at least twice a year, to us its the most beautiful place on earth.  For many reasons we love Kauai, but the biggest reason is that we were married on the island of Kauai in 2003.

Some of our favorite areas include Hanalei beach, Na Pali Coast, Waimea Canyon and Kalalau Valley.
Princeville Golf Course - Makai is our favorite golf course on the island. Although I am just a vacation golfer, my husband actually gets quite a workout playing the Princeville golf courses. We will play best ball and usually get two other vacationers to join us on the "Makai" course.  I learned early on in our  marriage to always say "yes" to golf  with the hubby.

The   Kilauea Lighthouse is a must to see, Kilauea Lighthouse
just off of Hwy 56 it is a beautiful view and a little piece of history since it was built in 1936.

Lydgate Beach Park
Typically calm and clear, Lydgate Beach pools are a favorite for young swimmers and beginning snorklers. Shade trees and grassy areas also make for an ideal picnic spot.
Take Highway 56 south toward Kapaa for 22 miles. Just past the Wailua Bridge turn left toward the Aloha Beach Resort and continue on toward Lydgate Beach Park.

The best part of any vacations is spending is with life long friends ! There are always so many things to do and see in Hawaii, especially Kauai, the crown jewel of the hawaiian islands.

A quick trip over to Oahu to see our good friends the Yoshidas.
Whoever says there are no good get-away-from-it all nature excursions on Oahu? Behind me in the background is the famous "Diamond Head".

Queen's Bath on Kauai

the secret falls at Waimea

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Smart dressing for Fall 2011

Fashion should not be about what is "in season", getting dressed is much more enjoyable when you are satisfying yourself.....

  • Focus on Outerwear - Invest in a piece that elevates your status
  • Mix it up- don't get caught copying your best friends, be unique
  • Go casual for evening affairs - You don't have to show all of the don't have to show cleavage to be sexy
  • Rethink the pencil skirt - its not for just work meetings anymore
  • High waisted Garbo pants are a huge hit this fall
  • Make mornings a no brainers - by nailing the basics

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Touching Lives

There are so few jobs and careers that give an individual the opportunity to meet people on the threshold of their dreams.   Disney Cast Members have this indulgence every day.

There's a spark when a thoughtful action, an extra effort, or a kind word creates a life-altering moment for that Guest.

I have known since my first day as a Cast member in 1975 that I was ..."walking in Walt's footsteps". I am so proud to be able to spread the Disney magic each and everyday.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Trends 101 - or what works for the office/work

I don't know about you, but I am having a hard time figuring out what to spend my money on - when it comes to clothes for the office. How to economize and not be totally obsessed without having bought things that are at full price. So this blog is dedicated to the females in the world trying to find something to wear to work.  Gone are days of worrying about family vacations, trying to kick your Starbucks habit  or even giving to charity.  Here are my top FIVE must haves for Summer Trends, that you can wear !

Ann Taylor 
Perfect Kitten Heel - Liz
color - pumice stone
If the shoe fits - love it, this shoe is incredible and so comfortable that it can take you from the office to the romantic dinner with your guy

the must have for spring & summer

The belted half trench safari jacket

Found at Macy's, J.C. Penny's or Talbots

Instead of a suit, try a skirt and blouse.  You have been all buttoned up all winter, switch up your rotation with a cotton blouse that still means business and a lovely gray skirt.

Give your hefty leather bag the summer off !
Try this little, lightweight yet durable canvas bag, you can load up beautifully.

A classic revival, tradition with a twist
Jacket made from rayon, polyester, cotton and nylon
wear with pants or skirts, perfect fit for office or after

build your summer wardrobe with the great sales going on or for a switch .....

My friends and I get together twice a year for a clothing swap.  It encourages us all to go through our closets and weed out those things that no longer fit well, and we always go home feeling as if we've had a full day of shopping without spending a dime.  Our old clothes, get a new life, and those pieces that don't find a home go to charity.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Photo memories for a lifetime

One of the defining memories of my childhood was a Kodak commercial that ran on television constantly.
The sentimental lyrics were paired with a melody that still brings back memories to this day.  The theme of the commercial was that you better photograph your children as they are now because, before you know it you can turn around and they will be grown and out the door and you may have lost the moment.  Today as I look at my photo albums today I know my parents and my family took that message pretty much to heart. There we are my brothers, my parents, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles all looking back at me in the albums.  As we grew older the flurry of photos seemed to diminished, but by then I had taken my own camera and continued the trail of memories with my own children's pictures.

These days as I look at my pictures of the family, I long for the days of sitting with my children over Fourth of July weekend at the beach or the park, or a neighbor's yard. Just like the song from the Kodak commercials is true..."Turn around, turn around". We raise our children to leave the nest not to be mama's boys.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Life is a big canvas--
Imagine, coming to work every single day and being creative.  Inspiring, motivation and above all celebrating everyday

We lost two well known Disney legends yesterday and today. 
Wally Boag and Betty Taylor - they were two extraordinary people whose knack to entertain left us wondering how they do those astonishing things.

Disney Legend Wally Boag Dies At Age 90
(CNS) Posted Saturday June 4, 2011 – 10am
The man hired by Walt Disney to perform as Pecos Bill in Disneyland's Golden Horseshoe Revue, and who went on to headline nearly 40,000 stage shows, died Friday. Wally Boag was 90, it was reported today.

Boag's feat was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest running stage production in show business, Disney officials said.

"The world's stage has experienced a great loss in the passing of Disney legend Wally Boag," said George Kalodridis, president of Disneyland Resort. "Wally was instrumental in the development of live entertainment during the early years of both Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney World Resort."

Boag also was the voice of Jose in the Enchanted Tiki Room at the theme park.

Wallace Vincent Boag was born Sept. 13, 1920 in Portland, Ore. Disney Legend Wally Boag Dies At Age 90.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beauty "thought for today" Clinique the iconic brand

"Cherish the past, but invent the future"

Clinique was the first brand that I started using as a teenager in California.
My best friend, Sue Clark introduced to me to the whole line of skin care in 1972.
Sue came from a family of beautiful women, and all of them had their beauty secrets.
Clinique - good foundation

Clinique the 43 year old skin care brand recently propelled themselves into the industry's leading power player.  Back in 2006, the parent company Estee Lauder cosmetics began to take equity of the brand and modernize it.

New products were rolled out with much success.
  • 2007 - Redness solutions
  • 2008- Lash Power mascara
  • 2009 - Even Better Makeup SPF 15
  • 2010 - Even Better Clinical dark spot corrector
  • 2011 - Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour balm

Going forward,  Clinique will continue to play in the dermatological concerns arena.  In April, Pore Refining Correcting Serum launched, claiming to visibly reduce the appearance of pores by 58 percent in two weeks.  Its numbers like that keep attracting new followers to this market.
I love all of the Clinique products - even now in my fifties its my "go to beauty corrector and damage corrector".  One of my most favorite products is the "Moisture Surge tinted Moisturizer" like wearing makeup that's not really makeup, its light and fresh and feels like you are only wearing moisturizer.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Etiquette still has a place in the office: creating order and helping others get along

Today there seems to be a generational divide regarding etiquette, the complaint being that young people lack manners.

Why is etiquette important?
Etiquette is about being considerate.  It doesn't matter what fork one uses, what really matters is being kind and considerate and paying attention to other people you're dining with, not the fork.
Today it doesn't matter if you are on the golf course, in the board room, or out dining with friends. Good manners are always in fashion and are always needed.  In today's world we build relationships, we build friendships, it doesn't matter the location, we should always be kind to one another. 

How you relate to people is very important. Your appearance, your words and the actions you take are going to affect how people respond to you.  Being comfortable and being confident with what you're doing  is key.

 Most of us today work on a computer at our work location, it tends to isolate us and sometimes we are not dealing face to face with others.  By being isolated, we tend to use technology without thinking of how its going to interrupt.  Computers, iPhones etc have made us an instantaneous society, so people are now expecting things right away.  It's in that kind of environment that people sometimes don't stop and say hello to each other.  They forget some of the niceties.

So here are some memory joggers
  • It takes 5 seconds to "make an impression"
  • 21 days to start a pattern
  • 100 days to become automatic
  • 30 days a message is forgotten
  • 60% of a message is forgotten in 24 hours
  • when 90% of a message is retained for 30 days with 8 days of constant reminding 
Put new skills to work right away.  Research proves that the sooner you implement a new behavior, the better your chances of making it a permanent part of your daily life.....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Make your dreams come true.....

Inaugural Alaskan Voyage
Disney Wonder
This past week I traveled on board the Disney Wonder cruise ship to Alaska on a business trip, it was magnificent !!  I don't consider myself a nature person or even a pioneer, but the sights and sounds in Alaska from the four ports is something I will never forget.  The weather was in the mid 40's it was crisp, clear and blue skies for the most part.  My work partner and I flew to Vancouver, Canada to board the DCL Disney Wonder for the Inaugural Alaskan Voyage.

  • Tracy Arm - Our first stop on the cruise was Tracy Arm fjord which is located in the Inside Passage approximately 45 miles south of Juneau.  Cruise ships wind their way through the fjord which is located in the Tongass National Forest.  The surrounding mountains are approximately 7,000 feet high and numerous waterfalls, created by melting snowcaps, can be seen along the route. 

  • Skagway - We reached Skagway on Friday, it is located at the northernmost point on the Inside Passage in Southeast Alaska.  Skagway still retains the feel of those Gold Rush days with their historic downtown being restored to its roots, complete with false fronted buildings and wooden sidewalks.
  • Juneau - Saturday we arrived in Juneau, the largest capital in the USA (by land size), Juneau is 3,248 square miles. Alaska is the only state whose capital city is accessible only via ship or air. No roads connect to Juneau to the rest of the state.
  • Ketchikan - We arrived in Ketchikan on Sunday, Mother's Day.  Originally established as a fishing camp back in 1883, when salmon saltery was built by a man named Snow.  The city became an important mining supply center following the discovery of gold and copper in the region.

Ketchikan - The Salmon Capital of the World, the city is located in the Southeast Alaska, on Revillagigedo Island along the Tongrass Narrows at the foot of 3,000 foot Deer Mountain.  Ketchikan is only accessible by boat or plane. 


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Everyday eyes --

You want your makeup to be simple - but your eyes can still stand out.  A shadow, pencil, mascara and dab of blush (yes, its okay) are all it takes to look alert and polished.

The attach link is a you tube video on everyday eyes:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Once a upon a time in 1976, I went to England on a Rotary Youth Exchange

When I was 18 years old and a freshman in junior college, I left home and study abroad for a year in England on a Rotary Youth Exchange.  The experience was my first real opportunity to study outside of the United States.  My father was a member of the local Rotary Club and he was insistent that all of his children spend time outside of the U.S., I went to England in 1976 and my brother Drew also spent a summer in Northern England.  My dad's advice as it turned out was extraordinarily 100% correct.  After several weeks in Blackpool/St. Anne in Lancashire - I was realizing a dream. Sometimes we don't always see the the important quest for education and how our parents want us to live better than they had lived. My Mom & Dad were very proud of my trip to England and I was proud of myself to venture outside of my comfort level and learn to live with a new family and study abroad.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Each day a new beginning - 30 words you'll never misspell again

Handy guide to hang near your desk

  1. a lot
  2. allege
  3. amateur
  4. apparent
  5. believe
  6. caffeine
  7. committed
  8. conscious
  9. conscience
  10. definitely
  11. embarrass
  12. exceed
  13. gauge
  14. grateful
  15. hierarchy
  16. humorous
  17. liaison
  18. maneuver
  19. mischievous
  20. privilege
  21. queue
  22. receive
  23. recommend
  24. rhythm
  25. separate
  26. sergeant
  27. supersede
  28. transferred
  29. vacuum
  30. weird

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Story of the Coco Palms Hotel

The Story of the Coco Palms Hotel: The Grace Buscher Guslander Years 1953-1985

Once in a lifetime experience.....

As a child and also a teenager, my parents took our family to Hawaii many times.  We vacationed on Kauai and stayed at the world famous COCO PALMS HOTEL at the Wailua river.  The Hotel was famous and had been in many Hollywood movies such as South Pacific, Blue Hawaii and many more. the Coco Palms Resort Hotel was within walking distance to the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the Wailua Beach.  Each evening the Lagoon Dining room would fill with families and it was like going back in time to a simpler time.  During the holidays in 1973 my Dad took us for Thanksgiving and our family was able to see the famous tree planting ceremony for those of us who were lucky enough to be there at that time period.  That ceremony left an impression on me and established a love for the hotel and lodging industry.  The pride of the Hawaiians, and the pride of the hard work was especially gratifying for me to see.

Fast forward to 2003, my husband and I were married on the beautiful island of Kauai.  The Coco Palms Hotel has been closed since 1992 when the Hurricane Iniki damaged the resort with winds and rain. Through a long time friend, Joe Kauo my husband and I had the good fortune to meet the original Hotel Manager of the Coco Palms, his name is "Big John Kauo" in 2009.  Big John started out as a waiter and worked his way up to Hotel Manager.  He tells the story of doing almost every job at the Hotel from dishwasher to panty manager to managing the bellman.