Saturday, July 2, 2011

Photo memories for a lifetime

One of the defining memories of my childhood was a Kodak commercial that ran on television constantly.
The sentimental lyrics were paired with a melody that still brings back memories to this day.  The theme of the commercial was that you better photograph your children as they are now because, before you know it you can turn around and they will be grown and out the door and you may have lost the moment.  Today as I look at my photo albums today I know my parents and my family took that message pretty much to heart. There we are my brothers, my parents, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles all looking back at me in the albums.  As we grew older the flurry of photos seemed to diminished, but by then I had taken my own camera and continued the trail of memories with my own children's pictures.

These days as I look at my pictures of the family, I long for the days of sitting with my children over Fourth of July weekend at the beach or the park, or a neighbor's yard. Just like the song from the Kodak commercials is true..."Turn around, turn around". We raise our children to leave the nest not to be mama's boys.

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