Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Trends 101 - or what works for the office/work

I don't know about you, but I am having a hard time figuring out what to spend my money on - when it comes to clothes for the office. How to economize and not be totally obsessed without having bought things that are at full price. So this blog is dedicated to the females in the world trying to find something to wear to work.  Gone are days of worrying about family vacations, trying to kick your Starbucks habit  or even giving to charity.  Here are my top FIVE must haves for Summer Trends, that you can wear !

Ann Taylor 
Perfect Kitten Heel - Liz
color - pumice stone
If the shoe fits - love it, this shoe is incredible and so comfortable that it can take you from the office to the romantic dinner with your guy

the must have for spring & summer

The belted half trench safari jacket

Found at Macy's, J.C. Penny's or Talbots

Instead of a suit, try a skirt and blouse.  You have been all buttoned up all winter, switch up your rotation with a cotton blouse that still means business and a lovely gray skirt.

Give your hefty leather bag the summer off !
Try this little, lightweight yet durable canvas bag, you can load up beautifully.

A classic revival, tradition with a twist
Jacket made from rayon, polyester, cotton and nylon
wear with pants or skirts, perfect fit for office or after

build your summer wardrobe with the great sales going on or for a switch .....

My friends and I get together twice a year for a clothing swap.  It encourages us all to go through our closets and weed out those things that no longer fit well, and we always go home feeling as if we've had a full day of shopping without spending a dime.  Our old clothes, get a new life, and those pieces that don't find a home go to charity.


Anonymous said...

Those shoes are fab! Great tips! It's also a great idea to donate your nicer, unwanted clothes to charities that help women rejoin the workforce.

THE Disneyland Mom said...

Great tips, Lori. I adore those shoes! They are a perfect summer shoe!