Friday, May 27, 2011

Etiquette still has a place in the office: creating order and helping others get along

Today there seems to be a generational divide regarding etiquette, the complaint being that young people lack manners.

Why is etiquette important?
Etiquette is about being considerate.  It doesn't matter what fork one uses, what really matters is being kind and considerate and paying attention to other people you're dining with, not the fork.
Today it doesn't matter if you are on the golf course, in the board room, or out dining with friends. Good manners are always in fashion and are always needed.  In today's world we build relationships, we build friendships, it doesn't matter the location, we should always be kind to one another. 

How you relate to people is very important. Your appearance, your words and the actions you take are going to affect how people respond to you.  Being comfortable and being confident with what you're doing  is key.

 Most of us today work on a computer at our work location, it tends to isolate us and sometimes we are not dealing face to face with others.  By being isolated, we tend to use technology without thinking of how its going to interrupt.  Computers, iPhones etc have made us an instantaneous society, so people are now expecting things right away.  It's in that kind of environment that people sometimes don't stop and say hello to each other.  They forget some of the niceties.

So here are some memory joggers
  • It takes 5 seconds to "make an impression"
  • 21 days to start a pattern
  • 100 days to become automatic
  • 30 days a message is forgotten
  • 60% of a message is forgotten in 24 hours
  • when 90% of a message is retained for 30 days with 8 days of constant reminding 
Put new skills to work right away.  Research proves that the sooner you implement a new behavior, the better your chances of making it a permanent part of your daily life.....

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