Friday, January 15, 2010

When you're are traveling and taking a plane

Manners for airline travel

- Dress comfortably but nicely. A well dressed American makes an instant favorable impression.

- Check your large pieces of baggage, instead of carrying it on board. If you do carry it with you, be careful not to hit passengers in aisle seats as you walk through the cabin.

- If you are traveling with a baby, change your infant's diapers in the privacy of a lavatory and not in the empty seat next to you !

- When the flight attendant comes by with the drinks cart, have your credit card ready or give him the exact change.

- Help keep the lavatory presentable. Everyone appreciates it when you wipe the sink before you exit the location.

- Leave your litter in a neat pile on your seat when you leave the plane, in consideration for the cleaning crew.
As you disembark, always thank the lined up Flight Attendants. They are rarely thanked and they usually try very hard to please the passengers.

- If the captain or co-captain is standing in the doorway to the cockpit, thank him for a " a good flight".

- Many passengers ignore the pilot and crew - so go out of your way to praise them for their hard work.

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