Monday, June 14, 2010

American Mannerisms

Common Courtesy

Listed are common courtesies that are important and should be taught at home to our children:

❁ Introduce people to each other

❁ Cover your mouth when you sneeze or yawn

❁ Do not chew food with your mouth open

❁ Wipe your nose with a tissue or Kleenex, do not swallow your snot

❁ Respond with a proper "yes" or "no" rather than ignoring another person.

❁ Do not blow your nose at the table

❁ Do not comb your hair at the table, regardless if your home or in public view

❁ Do not apply lipstick or any other makeup at the table

❁ Do not cut your fingernails in public with any type of instrument

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traciannee said...

Lori, I just love your blog. It is great to refresh on manners I was taught, learn new manners and etiquette, and teach them to my children. You are amazing!