Monday, May 31, 2010

Meeting Manners

As an attendee at a meeting, its your job to :

✿ Arrive on time, even a few minutes before.

✿ Introduce yourself to anyone new before the meeting starts.

✿Turn off your cell phone completely.

✿ Bring all the proper materials connected with the subject to the meeting.

✿ Do not interrupt - ever. Wait your turn.

✿ Raise your hand, informally, when you want to say something wait to catch the leader's eye, and wait for a signal to begin.

✿ Do not bring food to the meeting. It is rude to eat to in front of others when the meeting does not call for a meal.

✿Remember to congratulate a coworker who made a fine presentation to the room. A quick four word email will do it: " Nice job today Erich !

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