Friday, May 28, 2010

Proper business and social etiquette needs to be practiced in visual, verbal, and written communication. As business becomes more socially-oriented, companies are looking increasingly to those men and women who possess class and style, as well as technical skills.

Proper business etiquette begins with introductions. Effective introductions are staged in three parts:
1. Entrance (good posture)
2. Verbal introduction
3. Handshake (firm)

Who gets introduced to whom is determined by precedence (pecking order).
An easy rule to remember is to always say the more important individuals name first. example - "Mr. Guest , may I introduce Dave Omel, our director." The Guest (or client) is always the more important person. Finally, always rise for an introduction, to show respect.

About gender-based introductions: Men and women should be treated according to the aforementioned protocol. Special treatment according to "gender" is out. In business world there are no genders; we do business with professionals.

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