Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let's get dressed !

Attention to detail --

Each morning we have a choice when we go to our closets to get dressed.  We tell a story when we choose the fabric, the style and the coordination of how we fit our clothes for our lives.  Inappropriate workplace attire would be any fabric that is faded or soiled and in need of repair. Clean, pressed clothing with polished shoes speaks volumes of who we are as a person.  Selecting quality fabrics is half the battle, and dress for the body that you have today and not the body you hope to have one day.  Choose undergarments that are nude colored or color coordinated with your outfit for the day.  Have a full length mirror available to check from head to toe and front to back your appearance for the day.  If you ever have a second thought or doubt in your mind on your appearance - don't wear that outfit.  Have you ever wondered why sometimes your day went so wrong and then you play back in your head the "tape" of choosing your outfit.  Less skin = better presentation

  • classic solid colored outfit of well made fabric is better than trendy clothes
  • tuck blouses into pantyhose to avoid seams or colors showing through pants or skirt
  • Strappy sandals are inappropriate for the work environment
  • get to know your Dry Cleaners - OR - learn to iron well
  • matched suits should be dry cleaned at the same time together to eliminate uneven fading
  • purchase the best quality of clothes you can afford in items that are classic

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