Saturday, January 22, 2011

10 Basic Women's wardrobe pieces - must haves for 2011

With the right basics - you can look fresh and fabulous

  1. a basic dress -- wrap dresses or knit dresses are great
  2. a great coat - invest in a piece that you love....
  3. a great white blouse - it goes with everything
  4. turtlenecks - not too dressy and not too casual -wear them with suits and jeans
  5. black pants - need I say anything more?
  6. accessories -- don't forget thrift stores and consignment stores for great deals
  7. cardigans - don't forget the neutral colors
  8. tee shirts -- great for layering
  9. denim -- so important for everyone....all ages
  10. the navy blue blazer - for business or casual as a key piece for the season.

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Fanny said...

thank you for the tips x