Sunday, January 2, 2011

Handbags, pocketbooks, purses, bags, clutch part two

Magic, mystery, and money are all wrapped up in the myth of a classic handbag.

We have our traditional business shoulder bag for work, all business all the time. 

We then have our "go-to" Coach Hobo bag -- classic, stylish and our everyday purse.  Looks good all of the time, no questions asked.

Then we want a celebrity inspired purse.....just because.
Here is a fun purse designed by Jessica Simpson below.

.......the little black evening bag......
a must!
Innocence and Experience
the glamour of lipstick and a black small bag for
cocktail parties......Felix Rey is the best!

Friend or Faux....
here is a delicious fake animal print for fun.....
Talbots 2008

A bag that's chic such as the Coach purses you can wear everywhere day or night.  It gives you a sense of style immediately.

Sometimes we purchase a purse for remarkable interiors and openings.

Handbag style is a matter of personal taste..
Coach "Alexandra" 2010 bag
love the lining and all of the fabulous pockets inside...

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