Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Self Confidence and Self Esteem - Life's not a dress rehearsal

Self Confidence and Self Esteem
"life is not a dress rehearsal"

How many times do we tell ourselves there is no reason to dress up or put makeup when we are home alone?  With the New Year upon us we closely examine the quality of our real lives.  It does take extra effort to put out the good china, and it does take more effort to fix our hair and put on some makeup.  But, we all feel better when we do take those extra minutes to blow out our hair or put lipstick on.  We definitely act different when we are put together.  Just like every good actress knows the magic power of props and costumes to create special moods both onstage and off.

So here is to the New Year ! Let's tap into the excitement of real life and be the leading ladies in our own lives.

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